Web Design

I have been creating web pages since 1997, though at the time I was using tables, frames, and a multitude of bad practices, including improperly nested elements and hideous, unintuitive navigation. I have since learned how to properly nest elements and a great many other best practices for web design.

Below you will find a selection of my most recent works, a bit more information about what I do, and a form for contacting me, should you have a project you would like my assistance on.

Website Showcase

  • KalioCommerce.com is built on the KalioCommerce eCommerce platform. We have recently updated the overall look of the site to bring it into a more modern, semi-flat design aesthetic. Additionally, the structure of the site has been reworked to be more consistent and dynamic. Bootstrap.css has been made more central to the structure, while unique elements utilize less unique code. Sidebars have been eschewed in favor of a document-flow design with multiple nested/sub-navigations.
Approximately 17 years’ experience with HTML, from 3.2 to 5.
CSS, from 1 to 3, including animations, transitions, transforms, and so on.
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Coded entirely custom content management system for a small business (now retired) using PHP 5.4.
From XML Schema Definitions to Document Type Definitions, and much more.
Database design, coding, and implementation, using both Microsoft T-SQL and MySQL.

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress 3.9

    Custom theming, WooCommerce,
    Jetpack, and many more features

  • Drupal 7

    Modules, theme modification,
    MegaSlider, and more

  • KalioCommerce

    Articles, pages, theming,
    views, and much more

  • Have a preferred content management system not listed here? Learning new systems is easy for me.
    Provide me the opportunity to learn your system and I will provide you with high quality work.

Cross Platform

  • Due to a combination of factors including better virtualization, and tools such as Litmus, being a cross-platform web developer is easier than ever.

    I have hands-on experience with Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS, and can check browser compatibility with Android using Litmus. I utilize all major web browsers on either Mac OS X or Windows using live systems or virtualization. I am comfortable with the dev tools of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.