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February 2, 2013 3:23 pm Published by 1 Comment

Every once in awhile I get inspired to perform some site modifications. I tend to look at my portfolio site as an ever-changing representation of what I can produce, what I prefer, and what I can create. For example, I recently took the time to create a GIF for my Shapeville advertisement in the sidebar. I spent hours modifying the site’s theme so that I could add a functional, dynamic footer. It took hours largely because of how the site was originally coded, but I managed to figure it out and get it working (which you can see if you scroll down).

I also increased the size of the image slider on the front page and separated out the Résumé and Contact pages (previously the About page). Oh, I also discovered that I could implement a much cooler gallery format. When viewing the galleries on the Illustrations and Photography pages, the images now automatically resize into a cool mosaic.

The videos on the Video page are no longer in a strict grid. Unfortunately that one uses Flash, but I’ll keep an eye out and hopefully I will be able to find a plugin or other method of presenting my videos that doesn’t use Flash.

Lastly, I took the font changing menu and placed it in the sidebar so that it’s easier to find. Getting it to both work and look good took some time, as the font changing menu code doesn’t like some of the classes that WordPress sidebars typically use.

I’m hoping to spent a little more time adding items to my portfolio and making some more posts over the next couple of weeks. So check back for updates or subscribe via the RSS or email links (at the bottom of the page in the fancy-schmancy new footer).

Oh, one last thing: check out my friend’s candles over at MudBayCandles.com. He recently added another candle to his line-up as well as another option for a previous candle. And I added new pictures and text for them. Don’t forget to buy some while you’re there. They’re fantastic! Especially if you have asthma or other breathing problems. They’re clean burning, and environmentally happy. And he uses only natural or naturally derived scents.

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  • Sean says:

    Still needs more cowbell. Otherwise I approve all the upgrades. Separating the resume/contact section makes it easier I think.

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