Sean in the Dark

October 7, 2012 11:33 am Published by 2 Comments

Sean looking creepy in the low light.

When I was taking the digital photography class I would often carry my camera with me, regardless of whether or not I was going to class. I brought it with me to work, on walks, long trips and sometimes when I was just going out to hang out with friends. When this photo was taken, I was waiting in a stairwell with my friend Sean for the other guys to show up.

One thing I quickly learned to appreciate having was the ability to capture RAW images and the subsequent ability to take a photo that was fairly dark or bright and make a useable picture out of it. This was one of the first that I actually practiced that on.

The original photo was bland, and just dark enough to be useless. So I played with the lighting in Adobe’s Camera Raw mode, cropped it where I wanted it, adjusted the levels more in Photoshop and came out with this. I personally think it looks fantastic. Dark and perhaps a little frightening. He’s my friend, so it’s hard for me to be frightened of him, but that’s basically the response I got from my instructor and classmates.

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  • Sean says:

    The scariest thing in that photo was how long I let my goatee get. I’m flattered You did an entry on me dude. We’ll have to do some more photos next time I come down to visit.

    • Mikal says:

      There will be more. I’m currently in the process of uploading the images from my digital photography class, which means more pictures with you in them. In fact, since I’m skipping an assignment (because I didn’t like the results), the next post will feature two images of you.

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