Print Design

I’ve been actively working with print design since 2006 while working at Office Depot. My initial foray into print was through the use Photoshop, but it has since grown to encompass a wide array of programs, including Adobe’s InDesign and Illustrator, Apple Pages, iBooks Author (for digital publishing projects), and more.

Please have a look through the collection of my works below and feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions or would like my assistance on a project.

Print Showcase

  • Olympic Management Company needed their yearly planner redesigned, with improved formatting and object spacing. I worked to create a template for minimal effort with redesigning year over year. The background image was created from a collection of publicly sourced images, blending them together to create something unique. I created white overlays to more easily see hand-written entries, and adjusted the font choices for consistency of feeling. Additionally, I reorganized and restructured the document so as to be easier to understand for anyone working on the project in the future.

Additional Print Works