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April 24, 2013 4:37 pm Published by 1 Comment

About 1.5 months ago someone on Reddit posted an image of his grandfather that his father had carried around for a long time. His father was about to have surgery for cancer and he wanted to do something special for him, so he asked the people of Reddit if they could fix the scanned in image of the photo for his father. A few people obliged, but I felt their results were a bit lacking. Unfortunately it took me a few days before I got to editing the photo. Once I had edited it I uploaded it and presented a link for it on the original post on and on I never did hear back from the person. It’s possible I responded too late, as even a few hours may have been too long and it was a few days before I responded. If I wasn’t, I hope the results were satisfactory. The original image was in pretty bad shape, so it took a lot of editing to get it looking ok, and it still isn’t perfect.


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