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In the spring quarter of 2011 I attended an Adobe Illustrator class. I use the term “class” loosely, though, because until I mentioned something to the teacher about actually learning anything about Illustrator, there were no lessons, only homework and the occasional demo. After a few weeks of that I ended up emailing back and forth with him and eventually convinced him that he needed to actually teach us how to use the program. Thankfully, I already had some understanding of how to use the Illustrator because of prior classes, so the first few assignments were relatively easy.

This assignment was to create a book cover for a children’s book that we were provided rough details for. Something along the lines of “it’s called Childish Imagination and it’s about a boy whose imagination helps the city he lives in.” I’m not sure if that’s exactly right, but it’s fairly close. I talked to one of my friends in the class about having no/few ideas of what to do and she suggested perusing DeviantArt for ideas. I came across some fairly creepy images and came up with a few ideas of what to do, pulling heavily from one image the idea that eventually became this image. Though mine is far less creepy, I think.

The image this was inspired by is titled “The_Wood_by_jlhobbs”. A quick search on deviant art for that will undoubtedly pull up the original image for those curious to see it.

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  • Sean says:

    That approach is a sign of a good student and I’m sure those that have taken that class after you have benefited.

    The illustration has a sense of foreboding menace. That is until I perceived it as coming from a child’s imagination and then the ‘tentacles’ seem almost comforting and supportive.
    Either way that city is in for a big surprise.

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