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A couple weeks or so ago I learned of a fantastic project whose results have been picked up by InstaPaper and will be utilized by Google’s font APIs. Open Dyslexic is an open source font project created with the intention of providing a more readable web for those with dyslexia. Summarizing: the letters are weighted at the bottom to prevent the rotation common in those with dyslexia.I felt this was a fantastic idea for a project, as accessibility is a huge concern of mine as I design web pages. With that in mind I’ve been thinking about how I could implement the font on my own and future sites, so I looked around for a font switcher button that was already made and found a number, including one that uses Google’s Fonts APIs. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t yet provide Open Dyslexic, so I was considering just waiting until they do. Then I decided to look again and found a number of other solutions.

Open Dyslexic is a bottom weighted font that makes it easier for people with dyslexia to read text on a computer

After futzing with those for awhile to get one of them to work, I accidentally discovered that the Google fonts one can also utilize fonts declared in your own CSS! If the code had been well commented or documented, I would’ve spent far less time trying to get it to work. Nevertheless, it works and does so quite nicely. Now I just have to make the drop down box look more like part of my site.

For the sake of showing what it is like, I have made this post appear exclusively in the Open Dyslexic font. If you’d like to see the font selector menu in action, head to a different page or article and select different fonts. I’ve put more than just the default and the Open Dyslexic font in the menu.

Oh yes, and you can find more information and a download for Open Dyslexic here

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  • Sean says:

    Clever to use the Open Dyslexic font for the entire post. I like the idea and hope it finds more circulation/exposure on the web and in media.

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