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A few years ago Candice decided that she needed something specific from her planner while working as the assistant manager of a property in Olympia, Washington. She worked for hours creating a planner for herself. It was attractive, simple, and useful for her purposes. Well, it turned out that others she worked for found out about it, saw it, and loved it. As a result, she ended up working for many more hours customizing the planner to be used for every property in the company she worked for; over 40 properties in total.

A year later, we had moved from Washington to California, and Candice was no longer working for the same company. Yet, she once again worked tirelessly to create an updated calendar for them. Through all versions of this calendar I worked as nothing more than a consultant and background designer.

Forward one more year, Candice is contacted again to create a new version of this calendar. She has been extraordinarily busy with the company she now works for, along with many of her own personal projects. So I volunteered to take on the task of creating a new calendar for 2014. Unfortunately we were contacted a scant few weeks before the end of the year, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to create the calendar and get it to the printers. Additionally, when I started working on the calendar, I discovered that things weren’t ideally organized inside the Adobe InDesign file. And, well, to shorten the story, I spent almost 25 hours in total getting the calendar created, reorganizing the InDesign file, tweaking the overall design, and adding in specific text for each property (68 in total) or category of property. I’ve got plans for next year’s calendar already in the works (maximizing usable area on the daily spreads, increasing readability, etc), just in case they decide to continue this venture.

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