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The previous illustration was created with very little information about the story. This image, however, had the text of the first page of the story to go from. Using that and the style of the first image, we were to create the first internal image of the story. What follows is the text we were given:

Once upon a time in a land far removed from ordinary cares there lived a little boy.

He was very creative and was always thinking far off thoughts about far off places and far off things.

The other people in the land of Amocat thought he was odd but harmless.

They would smile and nod as he explained to them in a quite animated fashion the sights he saw and the thoughts he thought and far off and far out things he imagined.

The boy was fun and intriguing and in a harmless way added to their life as they went about their day.

One bright day, well maybe not so bright, it’s hard to remember, the boy thought a thought that was way-far out.

“What if,” he thought, “what if we made pretty things from trash?!”

What is provided of the story is amusing, but not terribly good. And the city name is simply “Tacoma” spelled backwards, a gimmick that is all-to-easy to dissect. However, the instructions were to assume our previous art had been accepted and to base the new illustration on the story provided.

I felt like the portion of the story we were provided needed to be separated out into several pages, but one image was all we were to create. So I used a number of elements of the previous illustration, created a new illustration of a boy’s face (based on a photo I found online), added a layered cloud and adjusted the image a bit to get the desired lighting effect.

Inspired largely by the assignment text, I used the previous illustration as the basis for this.

I sometimes feel like the illustration of the boy needs more variation in shades and more detail, but I haven’t yet decided if that is actually the case or not.

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  • Sean says:

    I didn’t realize the story was about me! I spent five years in Amocat!

    And you certainly could give the boy more shade variation but I’d keep it subtle so it still looks like it belongs with the background.

    I think a certain children’s book is the right Shape for this blog as well..

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