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Before any of the assignments for creating assets for a flash game, we were assigned to create a regional cookbook from ones we had made for a class on Adobe InDesign. For those that hadn’t taken the class, the assignment was simply to create a new one, but to be sure that it was regional. The requirements went something along the lines of: minimum of four recipes, must have the ability to print each recipe, must have an easy to use and attractive interface, must have a way to return to the front menu, must have a copyright page, and you must have an extra button to go to a menu the instructor would eventually have for a container for all of our projects.

I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to do it right off the bat. The trick was getting the animations to work. I wanted a sort of snap-back animation for moving between cards and some easy fades. However, not knowing of an easier way to do it, I had to do it all by hand. For each transition. So my project ended up taking me many more hours than it would have had I used simple fades or slides between slides.

Well, I ended up stopping on the transitions before I got them all done, so loading cards is smooth, but when navigation between them the loaded card simply disappears. It’s jarring, but I hate Flash enough that I don’t intend to ever fix it. Either way, though, I’m still proud of what work I did on it. And given the chance to start over, I’d simply use MotionComposer instead of Adobe Flash. Transitions are much easier to create for complex ones using MotionComposer, and it exports to HTML5 as well as Flash.

This can be viewed here.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention in this post, but that is mentioned in the Flash file, is ownership. I created the design entirely on my own and from my own idea of how I wanted things to look and work. The photos used in it are not mine, though. They were taken from a cookbook (which is mentioned in the Copyright/Source link inside the file), except for the picture used for the background. That picture was found using Google’s image search, though I adjusted the color as well as provided the blur effect that overlays it all.

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  • Deborah Krall says:

    I liked the end result of this project you did. I know it wasn’t completely finished, but I thought it was a great design, either for a cookbook or some other project. It was very classy and elegant.

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