Halloween Monsters

October 23, 2012 11:32 pm Published by 1 Comment

About a week ago I suddenly decided to start making Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many good materials to work with, but I still have a large amount of cardboard and a lot of acrylic paint (left over from moving and school respectively). So I sat down on the floor and cut out the shape of the body of a ghost. I had a few requirements in mind:

  • It had to be simple
  • It had to have only one large eye
  • It had to be sticking out a tongue
  • It needed arms

With that in mind, I made my first homemade Halloween decoration in years. And the following day I made the second. A couple days later I made the third. And still a couple days after that I made the fourth. I intend at this point to make a few more, though I may not necessarily complete the set before Halloween, as we have some other projects that need to get done first.

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1 Comment

  • Sean says:

    I can’t think of anything truly constructive at the moment. I like that you made a post about them and I hope you’ll continue to develope the style set out by the initial characters.

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