Goals and Aspirations

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I had a random childhood. It wasn’t often I’d stick with a project, career goal, game, or much of anything really, for more than a few months. My musical tastes have covered nearly every popular genre, and even some not-so-popular genres. My artistic tastes have been similarly varied, as has my taste in movies and reading material (to a much lesser degree).

Unfortunately, this degree of variation has led to a distinct lack of focus in my life. However, it has also led me to discover thoughts and ideas that I haven’t yet seen implementation of. Oh, some of my ideas have certainly been produced in some way or another by someone (like the bike trailer I imagined when I was 13 or 14 years old), but I’ve still got a lot of things left untouched.

All of that leads me to some rather wide-ranging goals. Very few of which I’ve actually ever outlined for myself. Actually, I’ve never actually outlined any of these. At least… Not really. They’ve never been anywhere other than random scraps or my head.

So, without further rambling, here we go:

  • Design computer programs for a living
  • Design and publish the approximately half dozen games I’ve been mentally designing for years
  • Finish uploading and writing posts about my previous works
  • Sort through the thousands of photos I’ve taken, process the good ones, upload and write about each
  • Expand my portfolio through use of the various books I’ve been given
  • Learn to play at least one favorite song on guitar
  • Apply and gain entry into Stanford
  • Learn to use Maya to create space ship models out of the drawings I’ve made
  • Murder mystery children’s book (if you know what this is, it’s cool. If not, you’ll see when I make it)

I know there are more things I would like to do, so I will update this list as I think of them.

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