Disco Fedora Monkey

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In the second Illustrator class, for my ninth assignment, I was to learn about Masking in Illustrator. I was really excited for this assignment, as I’d been using masking in Photoshop for some time and there were some things I wanted to be able to do in Illustrator that I couldn’t without learning how to mask things. Normally my instructor would create a video tutorial himself and upload it to his server for his students to view and use as the lecture for that assignment, but in this case the video already existed, so he provided us with a link to it. The tutorial can be found here:


The person that created the tutorial uses several masking gradients by simply changing the level of grey in each square (notice, I did circles instead). An alternate way to achieve this in Illustrator is to change the opacity of each square, which is what I ended up doing with mine. Somehow it ended up being easier for me. Perhaps because I didn’t have a gradient of swatches setup for each shade of grey needed. Or perhaps because a previous assignment involving transparencies to create a vector bubble helped me get accustomed to manipulating opacity. Either way, this is what I ended up with. And he’s placed off to one side for use as a desktop background on my iMac.

Fedora Monkey after having been to a disco all night.

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  • Sean says:

    Only thing better than Disco Fedora Monkey is Smooth Animated Fedora Monkey!

    I like how the reflection has the masking as well.

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