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January 14, 2014 11:29 am Published by 1 Comment

I am amused that this post is about recent changes to my fiancée’s site when that is what the last post was about. That is, however, not terribly unexpected. WordPress, the content management system we both use for our sites, was recently updated and, along with the core software, a new theme was added. The appearance of the new theme is quite appealing, though we did find it to be a little dark for her blog. So we implemented that and went through the process of adjusting the color scheme to more appropriately match what she had in mind. The result is what you see here:

A much sleeker, more professional-looking site. There will undoubtedly be tweaks to perform periodically (as some relatively unused object gets used and is shown to not be configured correctly), but overall we are both very satisfied with this latest change.

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  • Sean says:

    Definitely an improvement over all previous iterations. The layout, presentation and photography lend themselves to this being more than a simple blog about baked goods. After perusing the site I find it a place in which you can learn new things about baking or learn how to create yummy treats without previous experience.

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