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August 17, 2013 11:04 am Published by 1 Comment

I’ve got this habit — perhaps good, perhaps not — of changing the look of websites I manage periodically. Perhaps it’s just a way to stay busy while doing something I enjoy and that I know I can actually complete. Many of my personal projects are things I can’t personally finish, so I often get to the point of frustration or despondency, yet I still need something to do. So I change things up. Over the last few days I decided to completely redesign my portfolio website.

However, just a month or so ago I redesigned the website that my fiancée manages. The last design was looking a little heavy and a bit amateurish. We both still liked the background texture, but the overall design wasn’t entirely satisfying. I had some specific ideas of what to do with the site, but figured there would be a theme that would have most of the required elements already built. The theme Lovebirds by Automattic turned out to be a decent match, so we opted to use that. The only things that I changed from the base theme are the header/site logo image and the removal of the little green vines. More changes will likely occur at some point as I once again get tired of my other projects not going anywhere.

Oh, I also shoot most of the photos for her blog. It’s interesting how much you learn when you’re actually doing something.

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  • Sean says:

    While I believe Cocofancy v4 (spoilers!) is superior and better conveys the desired feeling of the blog I believe v3 still has it’s own charm. It was definitely a good creative step in the right direction.

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