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Over the last couple days I have spent some time retooling my girlfriend’s website. The original design of it was created by me for a school assignment, and had been retooled previously from a custom design to a custom WordPress theme. There were, however, a number of features that our custom theme was incapable of handling because of it’s very basic nature.

The latest iteration of the website.

So, due to that as well as my girlfriend’s general dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the site, I have been customizing a theme (the same one used for this site, in fact) to look more like her theme. There are still a number of small things that must be worked out, and placeholder pages for the “home” and “chocolates” pages must still be created, but it seems as though this revision is nearly complete!

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  • Sean says:

    WHile I’m still fond of the original logo, The Cocofancy website has done nothing but improve since it’s inception. Now I just need to learn how to bake so I can do more than drool over the contents.

    • Mikal says:

      Learning how to cook or bake amounts to nothing more than following instructions properly. Sometimes the instructions need more detail, but usually just following will do wonders. And eventually you’ll be able to improvise and come up with your own ways of doing things.

      The one tip I would have to anyone trying to learn to cook or bake: read the entire recipe first so you have an idea of what you need to use and do before doing it.

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