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Jumping ahead 10 years: I had been, at this point, working at the Olympia Office Depot for three years. You see, just before I started working there I had tried to go back to school at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC). I had decided that I would get into networking. And programming. But I still needed to get some prerequisites out of the way. While working on that, I discovered that those responsible for my financial assistance at the college had lost my paperwork (though they wouldn’t admit to the fault). Well, I felt that I might as well do something with my time, so I went looking for a job. Shortly after starting my search, I got a job at Office Depot. Due to an impending medical issue, caused by a surgery from many years prior, I ended up staying at Office Depot to pay off my medical bills for the next several years.

While there I was poked in the belly repeatedly by the woman that would become my girlfriend and future wife. Not that either of us knew it. The poking was her way of breaking barriers and getting to know people. Roughly two years after meeting her, and with her help, we managed to get my medical bills paid off. While still managing to pay all our bills and remain sheltered and fed.

It was now time to go back to school. I decided, with the advent of the iPhone and eventually the App Store, that getting into programming would be a good course of action. Mostly I just wanted to do web design, but creating iPhone apps seemed like a good direction to go, too. So I started back at SPSCC, but with more focus than previously. I did well in all my classes. I completed all the introductory programming courses: Visual Basic, Access, Programming Logic, XML, SQL, and XHTML/HTML.

This course was leading me toward what I perceived as a dead end. It would eventually lead me into C# and other Windows exclusive programming languages. Which is not what I wanted. After some deliberation and a few conversations, it was decided that I would instead look to attend Pierce College in Lakewood, Washington in an attempt to get a Digital Design degree, instead of the Computer Programming degree I had initially set out for.

Over the last year and a half at Pierce College, I have learned much more about Adobe’s Photoshop, as well as nearly every other Adobe program, including Bridge, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Premiere, InDesign, After Effects, Flash Catalyst and Encore. I also touched briefly on SoundBooth to edit some sound for foleys in a couple of the videos I produced.


I am now at the position to either look for a job or an internship, or continue on with my education. I will be graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Digital Design at the end of the Spring quarter this school year. At that point I will have learned more about photography, design, video production and interactive media production than I had in most of my years prior to enrolling at Pierce. I will continue to learn and practice design using programs and books not covered at Pierce. I understand the basics of design, but would like to learn how to more effectively create something compelling. Further, my goal is still to learn to create applications for iOS and MacOS.

I will also be searching for an internship where I might learn from an experienced design professional as a sort of apprentice. It is my goal to eventually be as confident with my abilities as a designer as I am with my abilities as a cook.

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  • Sean says:

    And when you get that confidence and someone asks you what your making, you can say, “a design”.

    I think these two entrees will serve you better than a bio page overall so that was a good call. I feel this second part could have been longer, but the fact you stuck to the relevant facts is probably for the best.

    I’m honestly looking forward to where the story goes next. And I’m glad I’ll be a part of it!

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