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My friend Sean (the one that has been featured in two previous posts) had been suggesting for some time that I use a photo of another friend of ours, Luke, to create an anime power-up drawing ala Dragonball Z when the opportunity presented itself to do so in a class. Our assignment: create a cel-shading style image using photoshop. One of the great things about the Advanced Photoshop class was the focus on styles as opposed to methods. Sure, we were given specific methods for doing things in online or in-lab lectures, but we weren’t required to use those methods if we discovered a better or different one that would create a similar effect.

Kaaaaaa… meee…. haaaaa… meeee…. HAA!

I’m actually not even certain what method we were given for this lecture, but I decided to use the photo of my friend, create fill layers, then create shading layers over those. For the full cartoon effect, I added lines around specific areas and used a limited color palette. Lastly, I had to move one of his arms (his left) up a bit in order to get the appropriate position for the energy ball.

If I could change one thing about it now, I’d probably change the lines. They seem too uniform and don’t trail off in the same way as ink or other physical media do.

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  • Sean says:

    Line changes to appear in the director’s cut of Mikal’s Portfolio!

    I love this one. Luke can already look sinister when he wants to but the Wesker-ish eyes and the shading on his face give him this great villainous expression.

    Kaioken times 4!

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