A preliminary post…

October 4, 2012 8:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As the title says, this is a preliminary post.

I have been working on this website for the better part of the year now (since January 3rd) and have considered implementing a blog with everything else here. I have weighed the reasons for doing so and what I might use it for considerably over the last couple of months. And so I have come to the decision to make this about my work. But not just about my work. It will be about me, because without something about me it’s difficult to get an idea of why my work is the way it is. I will likely write about whatever strikes me. That may be politics, video games, art, society or any number of other topics.

If you should decide to follow me, I hope you enjoy what you read and perhaps take the opportunity to engage in a civil conversation. If I take a position on some topic, expect it to be well considered, but don’t expect that I won’t change if presented a strong argument with supporting facts and/or evidence. I am certainly not an expert on anything, except maybe myself. And intelligent conversation excites me.

Pleasant reading!


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