A New Shape in Shapeville

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When I was little I created a number of characters based on fruit. I had an apple character, an orange, a banana and undoubtedly more that I don’t remember. I started to create little comic strips and intended to send them to my mom who had just moved far away from where we were living at the time. Unfortunately, I never actually finished any of them.

One of the classes I attended for the Digital Design program was all about Adobe InDesign. This is a program that I had been rather apprehensive about, because of how little I knew about it. Like most Adobe programs, it’s very intimidating when you first launch it. However, also similar to most Adobe programs, once you learn the basics it’s not that hard to learn more. And I figured that would be the case. So I was actually kind of excited for this class. Many of my classmates didn’t feel the same, but that didn’t matter to me.

I had learned from another classmate and friend who had already taken this class that I would be tasked with creating a children’s book. So I’d been thinking about that for some time and had discussed it with my mother, who reminded me of the little fruit characters I made when I was younger. Somewhere along the way I decided that I would make a story using those characters, but when it came time to actually create the story, I realized that I’d given myself much too large of a project for the deadline we had. So, on the spur of the moment I created a short story about a shape moving to a new town and trying to find something for him to do. It was really simple to create because of the repetition of shapes, and the simple nature of the images.

Cover for my children’s book, A New Shape in Shapeville.

I just filled in the text as I went, keeping it simple, but not really intending it for any age group. I also figured the story wouldn’t make it past being an assignment for school. However, many of my classmates told me they believed my story was good and that I should publish it if I had a chance.

Fast forward a year or so to my portfolio building class: I needed a project to add to my portfolio that wouldn’t take me several months of dedicated work and require hiring a computer programmer knowledgeable in iOS programming. I looked back through my works and decided to turn my Shapeville book into an Apple iBook. iBooks Author had come out not long before the class started, and I’d been able to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion to play download and play with the program. It seemed a tad too simple at first, but I worked with the program for awhile and eventually managed to get the entire story transferred over. I found a website that sold individual ISBN numbers (required to sell a book in the iBookStore) for about $5 apiece, purchased one and uploaded the book to be approved.

If you’re curious about it, click the following banner to be lead to the iBookStore.

A New Shape in Shapeville - Mikal Krall

As a side note: if you use that link to purchase the book, then purchase other items, I get a small commission on the book and all items purchased for up to 72 hours afterward. Woot! Money!

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