My name is Mikal Krall, and this is my portfolio.

I am a web designer, photographer, illustrator, digital designer, and occasional programmer.

It is my goal to participate in the collaborative creation of digital design projects, whether they be web sites, data entry applications, video games, webcomics, digital books, illustrations, or anything else that might come up.

Please take a look around at this collection of some of my works.

Note: I’m not a copy editor, so please excuse the occasional Lorem Ipsum text. Sometimes I let it onto my website because I’m not yet sure what to put in its place, though I am certain I wish for text to be there.

Warning: This site is my playground as well as my portfolio; things change occasionally, and sometimes things are momentarily weird. They will usually recover fairly quickly.

Speed Racer Decals

Guitar Decal design based on the Speed Racer cartoon and movie franchise.

Sometime after moving down to California I decided that I wanted to get a guitar. I had never really had an opportunity to play any sort of musical instrument – my family never had enough money to splurge on things such as that, but I knew that I wanted to at least try. I deliberated... View Article

OMC 2014 Planner

Olympic Management Company 2014 Planner Calendar Spread

A few years ago Candice decided that she needed something specific from her planner while working as the assistant manager of a property in Olympia, Washington. She worked for hours creating a planner for herself. It was attractive, simple, and useful for her purposes. Well, it turned out that others she worked for found out... View Article